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Built to Last

I was involved recently in a project called 26 for Norwich, in which 26 writers from 26.org.uk teamed up with 26 students and graduates from UEA to research 26 different writers from Norwich. I worked with Jane Chittenden to research Mary Mann, a writer who is criminally under-appreciated.  CRIMINALLY. Someone needs to be arrested. Jane wrote about her, and you can read that here.

I wrote a story inspired by Mary Mann and the time Jane and I spent in the archives in Norwich looking through her old letters, photos and manuscripts. Of course, as Mann wrote stories about rural Norfolk life around 1890-1920, based on the stories of people who lived around her, mainly poverty-stricken farmers, I decided to write a sci-fi story.

You can read it on the website for the project, along with loads of other stuff inspired by writers from Julian of Norwich to Ian McEwan.

It’s called Built to Last, have a look here.