This page has links to everything written for Nanowrimo and similar events that I’ve uploaded to my blog. I’m writing a flash fiction story every day this month, so check back for regular updates.

Camp Nano June 2012: Deity

Camp Nano August 2012: Untitled sci-fi choose-your-own-adventure novel. Part 1 and part 2.

Naflafiwrimo 2013: Day 1: Diplomacy

Day 2: Blank Page

Day 3: How to Sell Yourself

Day 4: The Perfect Day for a Picnic

Day 5: Think Fast

Day 6: He Will Return

Day 7: Pride

Day 8: First Encounter (Fifty word version)

Day 9: Responsibility

Day 10: The Brain

Day 11: Box Number Three

Day 12: A White Christmas

Day 13: Shuffle

Day 14: Visiting Mum

Day 15: Chaos Theory

Day 16: Dedicated To

Day 17: Stars > Wishes

Day 18: Sci-Fi

Day 19: All in Your Head

Day 20: An Electric Shock


Day 22: Top Secret

Day 23: Memories

Day 24: All the Time in the World

Day 25: The Plan

Day 26: Bucket List

Day 27: Conspiracy Cynic

Day 28: Know Your Pets

Day 29: Satisfaction

Day 30: Human


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