Album Review: Team Ghost, ‘Rituals’


This is a review I wrote some time ago for, here. I’ve actually posted the review on this blog already but the way it was formatted was really annoying so I’m reposting it. Look for more music and book reviews being posted soon!

Team Ghost / Rituals (w-Sphere) 

Rituals for what? I’m not sure but it’s probably something sinister. There are certainly a few kinds of ghost lurking in this album and I don’t think many of them are friendly. ‘Somebody’s watching/it turns me on’ sing the lyrics to ‘Somebody’s Watching’. At its best the album is gothic shoegaze that drives along with a fierce energy that never quite reaches a catharsis, while at its worst it sags into pure atmospherics. That isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but tracks like the opener ‘Away’, ‘Curtains’ and the excellent ‘Dead Film Star’ achieve the atmosphere of a haunted house while channelling the energy of a poltergeist. Other tracks are haunted by more passive-aggressive ghosts, the kind that leave messages with fridge magnets like an irritated flatmate.

After a great start the album slows down for a few tracks and then explodes with guitar noise at the end of ‘All We Left Behind’. It tries to do what the opening track did but not quite so well. You put all of your best songs in the first half of the album guys. And yes, everyone does that, but the end result is an album of really good, atmospheric songs that begins to fade out around the half-way point. A bit like white noise, but not the regular sort: the stuff from that film, with ghosts in the static.



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