Album Review: Screaming Maldini, ‘Screaming Maldini’


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Screaming Maldini – Screaming Maldini (HipHipHip)

Screaming Maldini’s debut LP takes quirkiness to dangerous levels. ‘Life in Glorious Stereo’ approaches Disney soundtrack territory with lyrics like ‘These city walls are echoing with the song of the Earth / Life in glorious stereo is wonderful’, while on ‘Secret Sounds’ the band try their best kookaburra impressions.

Overall the album has the feel of a festival. It’s relentlessly upbeat and almost every song has a ‘whoa-oh’ or three to sing along to. Opening track ‘The Awakening’ certainly lives up to its name, setting a pace for the album that never slows down for long. With its rapid-fire lyrical delivery and wall of sound guitars and synth it is a hectic track. Like a festival there are all sorts of different noises going on in this wall of sound; the band often take a ‘play all the instruments loudly at the same time’ approach.

All this upbeat quirkiness can get a bit grating. Or maybe I’m the only one who finds the song title ‘I Know That You Know That I Would Wipe Away The Snowflake From Your Eyes’ annoying? (For one thing, it would have to be a pretty big snowflake to be in both of your eyes). Actually, that probably is just me. If you’re in the neighbourhood for feel-good summer silliness with trumpets, try this album.



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