Naflafiwrimo Day 26: Bucket List

Dum de dum, not a big fan of this one but hey, hopefully the last few will be good so the month ends on a high.

Oh and I’m finally putting the story titles in the post title. Not sure why it’s taken me this long to think of that -.-


Bucket List

‘I’m going swimming with dolphins next week, the first stop on my round-the-world trip. I’m trying to get into space. Last week I hitchhiked to Rome, and I’m saving up to climb Mount Everest. You know, things you have to do before you die.’

‘My God, are you… do you… is it cancer?’

‘No, I’m fine. Why? What are you doing with your life?’



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I am Kieren McCallum, a third-year English Literature student at UEA, Norwich. View all posts by lemonmachine

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