Naflafiwrimo Day 21: BIKEBOY

Another late evening update today. Blame it on work (again).


I’ve been working here my whole life pretty much. By that I mean the last twenty years; before that it wasn’t so much life as a mess of disappointments and mishaps and all sorts of shit I don’t think about now.

You find a lot of useful stuff on a scrapyard, especially one as big as this. I’ve been over the whole thing a thousand times, even the parts that no-one else has been to for years, and I’m still always finding new things. I used to bring them home but my wife got annoyed. Now I usually leave them where I find them; after all, the junk yard is basically my back garden. I can find anything interesting again with a little patience.

Anything except this damn car engine. I reckon I can take some of its parts for my old Ford. I’m certain it was past this mound of microwaves, though I don’t remember all these coat hangers being here.

I lift up a tattered tarpaulin and let it go. It rolls away in the wind. Underneath it is a fridge. Not anything unusual in a tip, and I’m about to move on, but then I realise, it’s covered in fridge magnets. And some of them have been arranged into a word. That might not seem unusual to you at first, but think about I; how would the magnets stay in place if the fridge had just been dumped here? Why would this one word remain intact when the other magnets are scattered about? I think someone has arranged them. The word is ‘BIKEBOY’. It might be two words, I suppose. Doesn’t mean anything to me either way.

I pull open the fridge, which is difficult. There is sudden release of foul smell. Inside the fridge there’s a boy. His skin is all grey and shrivelled like an old bin bag. He’s wearing jeans but no shirt, his shoulder bones poke at his skin. He’s curled up in a foetal position and his bare feet are bent out of shape.

I close the fridge and look around. There’s no-one about.

No sign of that engine either.

I scramble the letters and move on. The way I figure it, everything in this scrapyard is here to forget or be forgotten.



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