Naflafiwrimo Day 19: All in Your Head

Rereading some stories from Half Minute Horrors, a flash fiction collection with stories by Neil Gaiman, RL Stine and Lemony Snicket and lots of other great writers, has inspired me to write a few creepy stories. Here’s one of them.

All in Your Head

‘Don’t be scared, honey. There are no monsters, it’s all in your head, that’s all.’

‘Alright… Night, mum.’

‘Good night.’

It’s all in my head, she thinks. There’s nothing under her bed and nothing hidden in her wardrobe. She closes her eyes to sleep and pulls the duvet up tight. She’s very tired. She yawns and stretches her mouth open wide, only to find that she can’t close it again. She sits up, her mouth frozen half way. She gurgles in the hope that her mum will hear her.

Her eyes and nose begin to run, streaming water down her face. She can feel something moving behind her eyes, something scaly crawling around and down into her throat.

As the thing slithers out of her mouth it seems to grow. She struggles to breathe and struggles to scream. When the thing is free at last it turns and fixes her with beady red eyes.

Then it opens its mouth wide and swallows her whole.


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