Naflafiwrimo Day 16: Dedicated To

Day 16. I like this one.

Dedicated to


The author begins to write.

This story is dedicated to Julia he begins. Then:

A man wakes up in a strange room…

In another world, a man wakes up in a strange room. He sits up in some kind of pod and lowers his feet to the tiled floor. There is a desk covered in papers at the end of the room. Monitors cover one wall, each showing different views of rooms that resemble the one the man is in, except for a few which are blank.

The man gets up and walks across the room.

The man gets up and walks across the room. He hears the hum of machinery and feels it vibrating through the floor. He walks to the desk. He smells chemicals he can’t identify. One by one his senses are emerging, as if from hibernation.

He looks at the papers on the desk.

He looks at the papers on the desk. His feet are bare and the floor is cold, so is the air. He is wearing something like a hospital gown which does nothing to keep him warm. The words on the pages in front of him don’t make any sense; the letters swim before his eyes.

He can’t remember anything. He doesn’t know who he is or

where he is or why. Slowly, though, the words on the pages start to make sense. He reads:

Test Subject 12 (‘Terry’) progress stable throughout stages 1, 2 and 3. Stage 4 on-going. Response to chemical stimuli…

He stops reading, unable to understand exactly what the papers mean, though he now understands the words.

His name might be Terry or Test Subject 12. This he knows.

He leaves and approaches the door, which opens automatically. He steps out

into a hallway. There are bodies, torn apart, scattered around. Four whole people, he estimates, wearing lab coats. He stares at them and feels nothing.

He feels afraid. He doesn’t remember anything. His only thoughts are his instinct to survive and his hunger, so he begins to search for food.

The man walks down the corridor, stepping over the gore. There is a sign marked ‘cafeteria’.

He walks towards it, his hunger overpowering every other

He ignores his hunger. He follows the arrow that leads to the surface and the exit–

He walks cautiously through the canteen at first, but then begins to run at the thought of food in the kitchen–

The fire exit won’t open so he searches, quiet and determined, for another way out–

He finds congealed pasta in a large saucepan in one of the fridges and he eats it all, mouthful after mouthful with barely time to swallow–

He finds another door, hears it banging in the wind–

and when he’s done he feels sated but now empty, without purpose. He knows nothing of who he is. What does he do now?

And he steps through the door and into the sun outside. He knows nothing of who he is, but he feels resolve. He will find Julia.



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