Naflafiwrimo Day 10: The Brain

Day 10, so I’m a third of the way though. The ideas are still coming so far, hope this can continue…

The Brain

Has anyone tried to do this before? he wonders to himself. Am I a genius or is this a mistake? He thinks about this for a few minutes, staring into the mirror all the while. He hasn’t changed out of the costume he wore for tonight’s show yet. He picks bits of confetti off the glittery, purple jacket and makes up his mind. If there’s one thing he knows, it’s minds.

His forehead furrows in concentration and he stares into his own eyes, reflected in the mirror. There’s nothing… nothing… and then… something. Something very strange, almost as if it were nothing at all. Something he’s so familiar with it takes effort to realise it’s there.

But yes, he’s done it! That’s that… He knows that already… What’s this? Oh yes, this is him, him looking into the mirror, staring in concentration, focused on himself, his own, his…

He falls in.

In the papers the next day:

Mind-reader ‘The Brain’ Found in Mysterious Coma

Doctors at a loss. ‘It will take more than a psychic to work this one out,’ claims police officer.



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