Naflafiwrimo Day 7: Pride

This one is definitely a first draft, it needs something a bit more… Most of the stories I’ve uploaded this week still need some work but this one is a bit more basic than the others. One to revisit at some point.



My mother told me that pride comes before a fall, but that’s only half the story. Pride comes afterwards, too. If you’ve got your priorities sorted out, then you can always be proud that you made the right decision. You can fall and still know that you have your integrity.

When she asked me to go with her, that she had to move, that it was her dream job, I said no. I don’t regret it. Can you imagine, leaving my home, to join some girl I’ve just met, someone who works in a coffee shop?

It was sad to say goodbye, but it’s best in the long run. At least I still have my pride. That’s what counts. In the end, isn’t that all we have?



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