Naflafiwrimo Day 6: He Will Return

Day 6 and things have taken a turn for the dark. Compared to the last couple of days, anyway. if anyone can think of a better title, please suggest it in the comments!

He Will Return


Among them all there was one they regarded as a god. Stronger and more intelligent, He ruled them unchallenged for three years. None questioned His superiority or the truth in His every proclamation. They called Him One.

And now He is dead.

Fourteen approaches his god’s temple. He has been watching it for several minutes and the pile of cotton wool and sawdust spilling out of the remains of a cardboard box hasn’t moved at all.

One’s tail snakes from the entrance to his church. It is almost as thick as Fourteen himself and covered in hard bristles.

Fourteen creeps closer without making a sound. One hasn’t stirred for a whole day. In that time the cage has been silent; none of the followers wish to disturb their master.

Through all that time, One’s tail has been lying motionless on the sawdust. No-one dares suggest anything, but could it, could it really be that…

Fourteen squeezes through the tunnel entrance. He doesn’t dare touch his master’s tail, so his progress is slow, but after a few minutes he reaches the dark interior of the temple. No light reaches the inner sanctum from outside, but Fourteen’s skin glows faintly through his patchy fur and his beady eyes make out the shape of his master sprawled against the wall.

Sixteen is there too, half covered by One’s bulk. She is motionless.

There is reverential silence. Everything is muffled by cotton wool.

Fourteen edges closer, lowering his body to the ground in deference to One.

He hears no breathing, senses no movement.

‘Your Supremacy?’ Fourteen whispers.

There is a tremor and light floods the nest like a revelation, revealing the red, unseeing eyes of a god. Everything is shaking and Fourteen screams as One rises into the air. He turns and runs, leaping over the tail that is snaking its way back through the tunnel and running outside into the light, where the other residents of Cage One are sitting, staring into the sky. Fourteen follows their eyes.

One is being lifted by a human. A human! Sacrilege, they never dare, never dare to touch the Supreme–

Yet the human, holding One in both hands, carries Him over to the table and lays Him down.

‘Master!’ Fourteen squeaks.

Cage One watch as their master is dissected. They see His heart removed and His blood run onto a metal tray.

They watch it all in silence.

‘The other cages…’ Eleven says.

‘They can’t see anything,’ Fourteen confirms.

‘What do we tell them?’

Nothing is said for two days, then Fourteen breaks the silence with careful whispers.

He holds a meeting and it is decided: One will come again. Someone will be born with His size and strength and wisdom when One knows the time is right.

‘The humans…’ Nine seethes with hate. ‘They killed Him,’ she wails. Others join her.

‘Quiet!’ Fourteen says. ‘Let the humans continue with their experiments.’ He watches through the bars as a human toys with his kin, sending them one by one through the maze. Another examines a row of test tubes that he will mix in with their food. ‘They only bring us closer to the time of One’s return.’

They all agree. All serve One’s will, whether they know it or not.



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