Naflafiwrimo Day 2: Blank Page

So far so good; two days and two stories. That’s a 100% success rate, making naflafiwrimo the most successful nanowrimo-esque event ever. In one sense. Maybe.

Blank Page


I don’t write for fame or success; I do it for my Grandparents. And personal satisfaction, I can’t deny that.

The Word document is blank. The cursor blinks but I don’t.

I can make anything happen. Anything at all. My fingers hover over the keyboard. I type a sentence, Hello, my name is, and then I hold down the backspace key. Letter by letter the sentence disappears into nothing. I type When it began I was and then delete that, too. Creation and destruction. Hello and goodbye.

I stop and think, I create a scene in my mind… and then begin typing it into existence. I type for hours, writing a whole story without break. When it’s done I go back and read it, making changes as I go. I repeat this again and again, and the story comes closer to perfection each time.

Then it’s done. I’m hungry; I’ve been working all day.

The story perfect, or just about. I don’t need to read it again.

I press ctrl+A to select the text, then I hit the delete key. Once again I look at a blank page. I close the document, yes I would like to save changes, and it’s all gone for good.

I told you, I do it for the satisfaction. If my grandparents were watching me, they saw it too. I hope they liked it. It was a great story.



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