Blog Revival

Well, not exactly. Most bloggers tend to say ‘sorry I haven’t updated in ages but I’ve been busy with _ and I promise to be more regular from now on’ but I’d rather be honest. I might not update again for a while after this, depending on what I feel like.

But anyways, I’ve written a lot of flash fiction recently so here are a couple of 50-word stories.

Continuing the theme of choose-your-own-adventure…


256: Finally you see daylight in the distance. You knew you’d escape eventually.

To claim your freedom, turn to 400. To return to hell, turn to 163.

400: A hidden traps kills you. Better luck next time.

163: Are you sure?  If not, turn to 400. Otherwise, turn to 400.


This one got published on a while ago.

Complaint Procedure

Over the field the heavens are in turmoil. The man falls to his knees and tears off his shirt.

‘Why, God?’ he screams. ‘Why?’ The wind howls with his tormented soul. He takes out a sheet of paper. ‘I’d like to lodge a formal complaint.’

The only reply is thunder.


Thanks for reading, and happy New Year!


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I am Kieren McCallum, a third-year English Literature student at UEA, Norwich. View all posts by lemonmachine

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