Two 50-Word Stories

I went to my university’s Creative Writing Society today and took part in a workshop on translation, where I came across this story by Augusto Monterroso. The whole story, translated from Spanish, goes like this:

When he/she woke up the dinosaur was still there.

We did a couple of exercises rewriting this, and here they are.

(If anyone reading this goes to UEA, by the way, you should definitely join Creative Writing Society 😉 )


A Tough Day

It’s been one thing after the other today I thought, drinking my Horlicks.  I don’t know how to deal with it all. Ah well, maybe everything will be better in the morning.

I woke up at seven and looked into my back garden.

Shit. The bloody dinosaur is still there.


Breakfast in Bed

At nine I brought up a cup of coffee and a plate of buttered toast. He was still asleep but the smell soon woke him. He stretched and yawned and said, ‘Good morning.’ Then he looked up and ran screaming from the room.

No-one likes you when you’re a dinosaur.


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