50-Word Story: Cthulhu Awakes

This is my first post, so I’m still getting used to the whole ‘blog’ thing. It’s hard to take something with a name like that seriously. ‘Blog’ sounds like a Dr Who villain or something.

I’m entering a 50-word story competition with the theme of ‘Aftermath’. I only realised there was a theme after writing a few stories, though, so I have some that I can’t submit. Here’s one of them. Hopefully it’s vaguely amusing. It’s a start for this blog anyways ^^

Cthulhu Awakes

After ages dreaming I hardly realised I’d woken. Stars beckoned. Dreams of interdimensional empires faded after aeons of anticipation.

Awake. I exist. My roar pierced the galaxy. My ascent would herald the end-times.

I ate my weetabix dry; the milk had gone off.

Ugh, daylight. Yawn. Maybe five more millennia.

PS The details of the competition are here.


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I am Kieren McCallum, a third-year English Literature student at UEA, Norwich. View all posts by lemonmachine

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