Four 50-Word Stories

These are the stories I’ve submitted to the competition I mentioned in my first post, on the theme of ‘Aftermath’. Some of them fit that better than others… Writing something so short is hard, but probably good practice, since I generally try to write concisely. The stories are structured like jokes, with just enough detail to set the scene and then a twist or something like a punchline at the end. There are probably other ways to write flash fiction, but this seemed the easiest.

Update 04/04/12: ‘Newspaper Story’ will be published in the spring issue of Tremors magazine. Woo! It’ll be my first ever published story.


A Metamorphosis

One morning, as he woke in his bed from troubled dreams, Gregor Samsa discovered that he had been transformed into a monstrous cockroach.

Moments later, as World War III began, civilization was destroyed by a nuclear missile. Gregor was lucky to survive.

It’s nice how sometimes things just work out.



After the end there was nothing, so I waited with the others at the bus stop to escape from purgatory. Nothing came. Over months the whole town joined us. We watched the silent road across the wasteland.

Today it came. Destination: Paradise. Capacity: 86. I waved to those left behind.


Since That Day

Don’t tell me that ghosts aren’t real. Mine chase me down endless dark corridors, their corpse-faces condemning me with unholy black eyes. No amount of drink or pills or kind nepenthe will wipe the memory of what I did that day.

I’m sorry. Forgive me Blinky, Pinky, Inky and Clyde.


Newspaper Story

23/11/2004, Personal Ad: Ruggedly handsome man wltm someone OK with a man neither rugged nor handsome.

14/06/2005: Weddings: Lancashire News congratulates Thomas and Julia King, married this morning.

I’ve not been the same since the divorce.     

11/03/2012, Personal Ad: Recently divorced man wltm my ex-wife. Come back to me, Julie.


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